Impact of Political Uncertainty on Malawian Growth

Impact of Political Uncertainty on Malawian Growth

This September 2017 PESA Editorial focuses on political uncertainty and its impact on economic growth in Malawi. The issue looks at: what is the current political economy context in SADC? what is the source of uncertainty? what is the historical context behind the uncertainties? what are the drivers and key role players in the SADC growth story?

PESA Editorial - Malawi - 1Q2017/18

Impact of Slow Global Growth on Malawi

Malawi’s economy has been affected by drought and floods for the past two years. Because of its narrow export base, specialized agriculture based economy and aid dependency, its economic growth decelerated to 2.9% in 2015.

A “round up” on the ending financial previous year

Malawian 2016 Political Economy Review

As a relatively under-developed economy or low income country as classified by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Malawi has faced its fair share of developmental struggles over the years such as curbing its rampant unemployment and poverty levels. The country faces significant developmental challenges stifling its economic welfare and development.