It is always advisable for organisations to always participate in discussions that affect their future and sustainability. But sometimes, due to core functional commitments, organisations miss critical discussions they should be engaged in. Or perhaps your organisation might want to start a conversation that is not currently taking place in order to inform the public or to win hearts and minds; but you are not sure how to proceed. PESA can help you plug that gap.

At PESA we relish strategic collaboration and critical thinking. As an expert thought leader on regional integration, PESA provides strategic analysis, engages in public dialogues, and assists with driving the development of public discourse through broadcast media and publications. So we can assist with facilitating public and private stakeholder engagements with or on behalf of clients. Our methodologies can help to strategically position your organisation, influence public perception, dynamically respond to policy changes and encourage public dialogue. Here are some examples of how we can assist you or your organisation:

  • Driving Public Discourse: Our team and network of thought leaders can assist your organisation in driving the public discourse through publications and broadcast media. Driving the public discourse is the most effective way to approach public affairs. PESA can assist with devising your public affairs strategy and as an implementing partner.
  • Public Affairs and Policy Audit: PESA provides analysis of your organisation’s current challenges and priority areas for change. Our analysis involves an evaluation of your organisation’s positional strengths and weaknesses; public perception of your organisation from critical stakeholders and policy-makers; the impact of current trends in the discourse of policy-making affecting your organisation; media reputation and ability to respond to crisis; and the threats and opportunities arising from your organisation’s coalition network.
  • Public Dialogues: Sharing ideas and influencing opinions is at the core of strategic public affairs. Public dialogues are not only important for informing the public about socioeconomic issues and the economic impact of business - public dialogues are also crucial in the consensus-building process. This is a vital aspect of public-private partnerships and economic governance generally. The PESA team can assist your organisation arrange and facilitate public dialogues.
  • Strategic Influence Analysis: Stakeholder engagement is a crucial part of any effective communications and public affairs strategy. However, without a thorough environmental scan to evaluate your organisations position with respect to political and economic contexts across the SADC, it is easy to overlook important stakeholders. PESA can assist with analysing your organisations political influence and monitoring new players on the rise.


In a short time span, we have established unrivalled access to important players and decision-makers from civil society organisations, the media and governance who shape broader public perceptions; and we are able to understand what they really think about your organisation - not just what they say in public. Moreover, our political economy basis of understanding allows us to integrate political understanding with economic rationale allowing you to win over adversaries, mainstream your “minority” challenges and appeals to broader audience.