The team’s competency and experience includes international economics, international relations, law, political economy of development, politics, and state institutions. The team is also competent in driving public discourse as thought leaders commentating on current affairs in South Africa, and Africa more broadly.


Total Members


Women on the Team


Master's Degree Holders


PhD Holders

PESA Managers

PESA Managers provide strategic leadership and uphold good governance of the organisation. PESA operates as a hybrid decentralised team in multiple groups operating across different SADC countries. The hybrid model fosters innovation and flexibility in order to enhance efficiency and strategic unity.


Communications Experts

PESA Communications Experts plan and execute our communications strategy. The strategy is deployed through our website and other media including broadcast, print, digital and social media platforms.


PESA Research Associates

PESA Research Associates contribute research and analysis to reports covering discursive aspects of regional integration, country analysis, sector analysis, and policy or government developments across SADC. Research Associate contribute towards the PESA Regional Integration Monitor and conduct political economy research across various sectors and different topics related to regional integration in SADC.


PESA Regional Analysts

PESA Regional Analysts contribute current affairs and analysis to reports covering country-specific aspects of regional integration across SADC and Africa more broadly. Regional Analysts contribute towards the PESA Editorials and provide country analysis.