Republic of Mauritius

Republic of Mauritius

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Balance of Payments and International FDI Position in Mauritius: FY2019/20
Mauritian merchandise export earnings been contracting consistently until 2018. The slower export earnings have deteriorated Mauritius’s current account balance. The balance of payments also deteriorated ...
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Trade and Regional Integration in Mauritius: FY2019/20
Mauritian exports have been growing slower than imports during the period from 2015 to 2018. This has not led to a significant deterioration of gross ...
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PESA Editorial - Mauritius - 3Q2018/19
Mauritius gained its independence in 1968 and it is one of the most developed and politically stable states in Africa which boasts of a multi-party ...
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Mauritius Land Reform and Rural Transformation Overview
Mauritius was discovered by the Portuguese in 1505 and then subsequently colonised by the Dutch and the French before the British colonised it in 1810 ...
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Mauritius Geographic Location
Geographic Location

Mauritius is an island of Africa’s southeast coast located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Mauritius is approximately 2,000 km off the southeast coast of Africa. The island is surrounded by more than 150 km of white sandy beaches.

The lagoons are protected from the open sea by the world’s third largest coral reef, which surrounds the island. Just off the Mauritian coast lie some 49 uninhabited islands and islets, several of which are used as natural reserves for endangered species.

Mauritian Cities
Mauritian Cities
Mauritian Coat Arms
Coat of Arms

The Mauritian coat of arms were designed by the Mayor of Johannesburg in 1906, Johann Van Der Puf. In the lower left quarter is a key and on the right-hand side is a white star, which are referred to in the Latin motto: Stella Clavisque Maris Indici which means “Star and Key of the Indian Ocean”.

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