Republic of Malawi

Republic of Malawi

Political Economy Summary

Capital Lilongwe
Independence 6 July 1964
Head of State & Govt H.E. Arthur Peter Mutharika
Minister of Foreign Affairs Emmanuel Fabiano
Minister of Finance Goodall Edward Gondwe
Central Bank Govenor Dalitso Kabambe
Next National Elections Date 2024
Government Website
Parliament Website




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Malawian exports have been growing slower than imports during the period from 2015 to 2018. This has not led to a significant deterioration in gross ...
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GDP Growth and Public Finance in Malawi: FY2019/20
Malawi’s real GDP growth has been slowed down by political, climate and external factors. Policy uncertainty and governance challenges like the “cashgate scandal” have weakened ...
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Malawi Land Reform and Rural Transformation Overview
The land issue has taken primacy in Malawi’s economic growth and development strategy. The country’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture . Hence recent government ...
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Impact of Political Uncertainty on Malawian Growth
This September 2017 PESA Editorial focuses on political uncertainty and its impact on economic growth in Malawi. The issue looks at: what is the current ...
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Malawi Geographic Location
Geographic Location

Malawi is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa. It is wholly within the tropics and occupies a thin strip of land between Zambia and Mozambique protruding southwards into Mozambique along the valley of the Shire River. In the north and north east it also shares a border with Tanzania. Malawi is connected by rail to the Mozambican ports of Nacala and Beira.

Malawian Cities
Malawian Cities
Malawian Coat Arms
Coat of Arms

The Malawian coat of arms is based on the earlier heraldic arms of Nyasaland. It is supported by a lion and a leopard, above a scroll reading “Unity and Freedom”.

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