Economic Research

Economic Research

The PESA team monitors developments within SADC and other African regions to provide political economy analysis of regional and country dynamics. The PESA team specialises in copywriting, economic diplomacy, industrial policy, industrial relations, international relations, macro- and microeconomics, political economy of development, regional integration, research methods, and project management. Here are some examples of how we can assist you or your organisation:

  • Economic Diplomacy: We provide situational analysis to assist you with economic diplomacy by evaluating socioeconomic impact of governance and policy; and assessing shared value or triple bottom line.
  • Economic Research and Strategy: We provide political economy analysis, modelling and forecasting, policy analysis and advisory.
  • Research Consulting: We provide research consulting and advisory assistance to help you define your research question, direct you towards the right body of literature and advise you on how to conduct your research.
  • Research Design: We provide research methodology assistance to answer critical economic and political questions related to African development and regional integration.
  • Regional Integration: We are the premier resource for the political economy of SADC and African regional integration.



Our economic research is grounded in political economy analysis which allows us to provide an accurate account and understanding of African development by unpacking the nexus of politics and economics. We produce regular research focused on abstract discursive analysis of SADC regionalism and country-specific analysis across all of SADC, and other African countries. Our main publications are the PESA Regional Integration Monitor which focuses on high-level discourse and policy analysis; and the PESA Editorials which focus on country dynamics.


The Monitor

The PESA Regional Integration Monitor provides a quarterly update on regional integration across SADC and related regional economic communities.

Read the latest PESA Monitor publications.


PESA Editorials focus on current affairs and analysis of different aspects of regional integration, macroeconomic developments, sector analysis, and policy or government developments for every country in SADC and some important countries in East and West Africa.

Read the latest PESA Editorial publications.

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