South Africa Editorials

PESA Editorial - South Africa - 3Q2018/19

History of Conflict and its Impact on South African Development

South Africa’s most prominent period of intense political conflict was between 1950 and 1994 with peaks in 1976 and 1984[1]. Unlike other African countries whose independence came with political freedom from colonialism and white domination, South Africa remained under a Read More

PESA Editorial - South Africa - 2Q2018/19

Developmental Impact of South Africa-Sino Relations

China has rapidly become an important trade partner and investor in the South African economy. Post-1994 the South African government sought to re-establish its presence in the international community through fostering bi-lateral relationships. South Africa established a formal bi-lateral relationship Read More

Impact of Political Uncertainty on South African Growth

Impact of Political Uncertainty on South African Growth

Since 1994, the South African economy has gradually transformed with increasing numbers of black professionals and business owners in an economic climate which was once characterised by apartheid era pro-white economic policies. However, transformation has been slow in major income-generating Read More