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PESA Editorial - Angola - 3Q2018/19

History of Conflict and its Impact on Angolan Development

Post-independence Angola was challenged with conflict and political instability mainly from two liberation organisations; People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). The protracted war spanned from 1975 to Read More

PESA Regional Integration Monitor, Jan 2019

Historical Overview of Conflict in Southern Africa and its Impact on Development

The January 2019 issue focuses on the history of conflict and political instability in SADC, and its impact on economic growth and development – What is the overall history of political stability and conflict? How politically stable or unstable has SADC Read More

PESA Editorial - Kenya - 2Q2018/19

Developmental Impact of Kenya-Sino Relations

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kenya and China in 1963, the relationship between the two countries have grown impressively. The relationship strengthened starting from 2003 after National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) government led by former President Mwai Kibaki came Read More

PESA Editorial - Zambia - 2Q2018/19

Developmental Impact of Zambia-Sino Relations

Zambia’s relation with China can be traced back to 1949, before Zambia’s independence in 1964[1]. Zambia was one of the African countries supporting the participation of China in the United Nations[2]. Despite various misunderstandings between the two countries, the Zambia-China Read More

PESA Editorial - South Africa - 2Q2018/19

Developmental Impact of South Africa-Sino Relations

China has rapidly become an important trade partner and investor in the South African economy. Post-1994 the South African government sought to re-establish its presence in the international community through fostering bi-lateral relationships. South Africa established a formal bi-lateral relationship Read More

PESA Editorial - Botswana - 2Q2018/19

Developmental Impact of Botswana-Sino Relations

Despite the abundance of natural resources, numerous African countries found development difficult to attain following their independence due to low levels of external investment, governance challenges and aid. The decolonisation period coincided with China’s ascent as a global political and Read More

PESA Regional Integration Monitor, Sep 2018

Evaluating the Developmental Impact of Africa-Sino Relations

The September 2018 issue focuses on evaluating Africa-Sino relations and its impact on African development – What is the relationship between SADC countries and China? what is China’s foreign policy towards SADC countries? how do SADC countries benefit from their relationship with Read More