History and Mission

PESA is an independent think-tank promoting regional integration in SADC and providing research on the political economy of development in Africa.

PESA was founded in 2015, under the leadership of Siya Biniza, and conceived of as the premier online resource for regional integration in SADC and economic development in Africa

PESA was borne out of the realisation that most Southern African governments’ development plans and industrial strategies have a national focus. The national em

PESA was borne out of the realisation that, although the SADC has achieved significant milestones, deepening regional integration remains relatively slow. The EAC adopted the East African Monetary Union Protocol in 2013 with the aims of establishing a regional currency within 10 years; meanwhile the ECOWAS region also aims to consolidate its regional integration by establishing the ECO currency by 2027. SADC needs to increase intraregional trade and deepening regional integration in order to keep up with the rest of Africa. Regional integration is the only pathway towards sustainable development and shared prosperity in Africa.

At PESA we aim to provide accessible information and knowledge of SADC regional integration for various audiences.

Our Mission

PESA’s tradition of high-quality political economy research and analysis, began in our early years. Driven by one of the most defining challenges of post-colonial African development in the 21st century: how to maintain peace and find a path towards industrialisation, we have refined this tradition through our rigorous approach to finding policy solutions. In a time when xenophobia, nationalism and isolationism have become significant yet reactionary ideologies in response to the limits of capitalism and globalisation, PESA has remained committed to independent political economy research to promote pan-Africanism and regional cooperation in resolving policy challenges.

Our mission is providing accessible political economy analysis and policy solutions to promote SADC regional integration and sustainable development in Africa.

PESA’s research is commissioned by external partners including government agencies and departments, foundations, NGOs, private-sector firms and universities. PESA also welcomes philanthropic support from individuals and organisations that share our interests, values and vision. Philanthropic support and earnings from PESA’s commissioned research support internal thought leadership and publication on issues that are crucial to our mission and current policy debates, within the boundaries set by our clients and funders.

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History and Mission

Our mission is providing accessible political economy analysis and policy solutions to promote SADC regional integration and sustainable development in Africa.

History & Mission

Vision and Values

Our vision is to advance knowledge that enables regional integration in SADC and to develop policy for a secure, prosperous and unified Africa.

Vision & Values

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