PESA Lewis Chimfwembe

Lewis Chimfwembe

Lewis is an Analyst at PESA, an independent research think-tank advancing knowledge that enables regional integration in SADC and to developing policies for a secure, prosperous and unified Africa. Lewis joined PESA in 2020 and helped the organisation become the premier resource for political economy analysis, regional integration and policy dialogues in SADC.

As an Analyst, Lewis focuses on providing accessible research and analysis contributing policy solutions to promote SADC regional integration and sustainable development in Africa. He also represents PESA in Policy Dialogues across SADC. A champion of PESA’s vision, Lewis’s research interests and expertise are focused on Manufacturing and Trade and the Republic of Zambia. He has an insightful understanding of political economy and regional integration.

Lewis is an Economist specialising in trade and industrial policy. His research interests are in Trade and Industrial Policy. He brings experience from working with the Zambian Association of Manufacturers, the International Trade Centre, and the South African Research Chair in Industrial Development. Lewis received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Zambia, his M. Phil. in Industrial Policy from the University of Johannesburg, and his professional training in trade policy analysis from the Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa.


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