PESA Nathalia Novaes Alves

Nathalia Novaes Alves

Role: Regional Analyst



Nathalia is a Social Scientist specialising in quantitative and qualitative research, Islamic Studies and international cooperation. She brings experience from working with civil society organisations, academia and international organisation in Brazil, Israel, Palestine and Iran. Her research interests are in socioeconomic development, humanitarian aid, forced migration, refugees and internally displaced persons, and post-conflict reconstruction.

Nathalia holds an M. A. in International Cooperation (Development-Emergencies) from the Institute for International Political Studies. She also holds an M. A. in Arabic Studies and a B. Soc. Sci. from the University of São Paulo. She is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and Italian.

Nathalia Novaes Alves

Former Regional Analyst

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