Darlington Tshuma

PESA Darlington Tshuma

Role: Junior Regional Analyst

Contact: darlington@politicaleconomy.org.za


Darlington is a Development Practitioner specialising in capacity building, skills training, negotiations and conflict resolution. His research interests are in gender, peace and transitional justice, human rights, politics and governance in sub-Saharan Africa. He has a special interest in African elections and was involved in an international digital anthropology project on Re-examining the African Experience After Elections spearheaded by PSL Research University.


Darlington holds an M. Sc. in Sociology and Social Anthropology and a B. Sc. (Hon.) in Sociology from University of Zimbabwe. He is currently pursuing a PhD with the Durban University of Technology.

Previous Work at PESA

See some of the projects and contribution from Darlington below.


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