Land Restitution Journey of Kokoana Farming Enterprise


We got to speak with Mr Sechaba Lekabe and Mr Monwabisi Ngesman from Kokoana Farming Enterprise under the Business and International Trade theme of the Rural Transformation and Land Reform campaign.
View our interview with Mr Lekabe and Mr Ngesman below.

Kokoana Farming Enterprise (KFE) is the business arm of the De Paarl Common Property Association (CPA) which received 4582 hectares of restituted land worth ZAR39.9 million. The De Paarl CPA received post-settlement assistance to buy livestock and machinery. Mr Lekabe is the Business Administrator for KFE and is responsible to for daily operations whilst Mr Ngesman is in-charge of the KFE Foundation and Social Development. The De Paarl CPA was established under the CPA Act of 1996 to govern the restituted land and ensure that its beneficiaries benefit from the land.

To find out more about Kokoana Farming Enterprise, click here.



The Rural Transformation and Land Reform edition of PESA Dialogues evaluates the development and achievements in rural transformation and land reform in South Africa during the month of February. The edition looks at the journey of rural transformation and land reform by evaluating the role of local government, the contribution of traditional leaders and the process of land restitution and rural transformation. The campaign focuses on three thematic areas, namely: Business and International Trade, Local Government and Traditional Leadership. The interviews provide unique, first hand encounters by individuals in different roles and sectors, their journeys, challenges and contributions towards contributing to rural transformation and land reform in the SADC region.

Vuyelwa Nkumanda

Former Regional Analyst


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