Journey with Nomsa Mazwai


We got to speak with Ms Nomsa “Nomisupasta” Mazwai under the Social Activism theme of the Journey with the Women of SADC campaign. Ms Mazwai is a Social Activist, Musician and General Manager at the Soweto Theatre. Nomsa is a formally trained economist, developer, community engager and visionary. View our interview with Ms Mazwai below.

Nomsa is currently working towards building socioeconomic competitiveness and responsiveness amongst Southern African people at a grassroots level. She does her work through the arts, education and economic development initiatives. Nomsa is also a recording artist and producer under her Nomisupasta musical persona. Nomisupasta makes unique music that has earned her a South African Music Award. She has collaborated with international artists such as Black Coffee and 9th Wonder, Rapsody.

To find out more about Nomisupasta, click here or you can follow her on Twitter using her handle, @nomisupasta.



The Journey with the Women of SADC edition of PESA Dialogues commemorates the invaluable role of Women in African society during the month of August. The edition profiles and celebrates the lives of a few women who are champions of industry in their respective backgrounds. The campaign focuses on three thematic areas, namely: Political Economy, Business and International Trade, and Social Activism and Gender Relations. The interviews provide unique, first hand encounters by women in different industries and sectors, their journeys, challenges and contributions towards improving the lives of women in the SADC region.

Tafadzwa Mahubaba

Former Research Associate

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